Become a CNA in a month

Is it possible to learn how to become a CNA inside one month ? The simple answer is yes, depending on where you live. You may want to consider what is often called a fast track CNA course, or sometimes called fast track nursing aide program. It all depends on the state that you reside in whether there is a CNA program that can be completed within a month.

Fast track CNA courses can be found in your local community or state colleges, adult education centers, home health agencies or the American Red Cross. Bear in mind that places fill up fast with Red Cross CNA training, so you will need to book courses well in advance.

Depending on who you choose for your training, the course costs will vary from around $300 – $500 mark. The price will often be towards the higher range if your state licensing exam is included in the price of your training program.

Paramount Training Services for example can provide training on how to become a CNA in a total of 30 hours.The CNA training course provides a CNA examination prep class that can be completed within two weeks. The program includes both practical and theory training on the premises. This course is run for the Florida State Licensing Exam and the nursing assistant certification is taken on the premises after your training. This saves time in setting up your exam time slot. The licensing exam is administered by a Florida State Nursing Aide Evaluator using the same equipment that you completed your training with.

Another example is a CNA fast track course run by Home Healthcare Services, who can train you to become a CNA in only 3 weeks. This CNA training course is for the NC State exam. They sometimes have jobs available for trainees who complete their training and pass the state examination. The jobs are normally within a nursing home that the Home Healthcare Service runs.

Whoever you choose to take the CNA course with it is important that you check with your state’s board of nursing that the course is on their approved training list. As some courses just provide information and guidance, not specific training towards your state examination.

It is possible for you to learn how to become a CNA within a month of training. It will depend entirely on the state that you require CNA classes in, plus the type of training facility that you choose whether they provide fast track Certified Nursing Assistant training or not.

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