How to Earn Your CNA Certification In California

Earning a CNA certification in California can be the start of a successful career in the field of nursing. A Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) handles healthcare duties under the guidance of a registered or licensed nurse. Their qualification allows them to work in nursing homes, hospitals and childcare facilities—albeit in lesser roles.

In order to become a recognized nursing assistant in California, you must be registered with the California’s department of health services. Achieving this is only possible by successfully passing the state administered CNA certification exam.

CNA Certification California Requirements

Before you can apply for a CNA certification you will need to meet the state outlined requirements namely;

You must have successfully completed a minimum of 150 hours in a training program.

You must be at least 16

If you meet these requirements you will be allowed to write the state exam. You may be required to undergo medical and physical examination. This is to ensure that you are fit for the job and do not pose any potential health risk that may affect your patients.

How long does it take to complete a CNA Certification California Program?

The length of time required for the successful completion of a CNA certification program in California will depend on the approach that you choose to adopt. There are three major paths. You can choose to enroll for;

College Program

CNA training programs are regularly offered at community colleges. These courses are offered in collaboration with nursing homes, hospitals and medical centers. However, even though these programs are conducted at colleges, they do not contribute towards college credit.

Part time Programs

Part time program held during the day and evening. They are a suitable option for people who are faced with family obligations or work schedules that may interfere with a regular class. Part time programs take longer to complete than regular classes. This is because the class schedule is not as inflexible as traditional classes. Part time CNA training programs are typically organized by vocational schools, private health care companies and hospitals among other options.

Accelerated Program

The fastest way to complete the CNA training program is to enroll for an accelerated class. Accelerated programs can be completed within a month. You will not be able to apply for a CNA license until you meet the required minimum number of 150 hours. To achieve this, students will be expected to invest at least 8 hours in the classroom every day. They will also need to meet the mandated amount of clinical hours.

Accredited Programs

Before applying for a CNA training program in California, ensure that it is recognized by the Department of Health Service. You can obtain a list of all the approved programs within the state by visiting the department’s homepage. Refrain from applying to any program that does not appear to be state approved or does not recognize the importance of practical sessions. If you should complete your training course at an unapproved program, you may not be allowed to write the state exam.

During your California CNA training program, you will be trained to work as a nursing assistant. Your lessons will include many of the essential skills that you will need to perform your job. This includes:

Emergency procedures

An understanding of the Patient’s Rights

How to control Infections

Medical Assistance around the hospital

Health Care safety measures.

How to work with medical instruments (such as a blood pressure monitor)

Your CNA training program will last a total of 150 hours. A part of this will include hands on clinical practice, the aim of which is to ensure that you are able to put into practice what you have learned during the lecture. The clinical part of your training program is mandatory and will form a part of your final exam.

If you have successfully completed your training program and you meet the other requirements of the DHS, then your instructor may help you handle the necessary paperwork needed for an exam application. You will be informed of the examination time and date. You can study for your exam by downloading practice test questions online. They provide a fair assessment of what you can expect in the real examination.

CNA Certification California – What To Expect:

The California CNA certification exam will test both your skills in clinical setting as well as in written work. In order to pass your exam, you will be expected to successfully pass both sections. The written part of the exam will address topics that you learned during the lecture phase of your training program. This is typically in the form of multiple questions. The practical section allows the examiner to evaluate your performance during mocked scenarios.

The results of your exam will be released shortly after your completion. If the results are positive, your CNA certification California will be presented to you, allowing you to apply for a job as a certified nursing assistant, or home health aide in the State of California.

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