CNA Training Online – 3 Best Online Schools for Nursing Assistants

CNA training online is a convenient way for you to gain entry into the field of nursing and healthcare. As most CNA and nursing courses and degrees are traditionally obtained at a community college, trade school, or university, you may not have considered taking CNA training online before now. There are an increasing number of colleges and universities that now provide CNA, medical assisting, and nursing degrees online. This new way of obtaining medical training is achieved by way of lectures taking place online usually on the university website, the use of downloadable course modules, and even group discussions with your administrator with web based technology.

The three online CNA training universities and colleges detailed below are respected institutions and provide quality CNA and medical assisting courses that you may want to consider in your quest to become a certified nursing professional.


Keiser University eCampus Online has many degrees and training programs in the healthcare field. They also provide a service to help you into a job placement while you are training, and this service is offered to all students and alumni.

    Courses : -

- Medical Assisting, AS ~ Course Duration : Total of 60.5 hours

What you will learn on the course :

  • Prep examination rooms
  • Assistant to minor surgical procedures
  • Take vital signs of patients and the practice of giving injections
  • How to take x-rays and administer a electrocardiogram
  • Learning patient communication
  • Maintenance of patient records and billing
  • The processing of insurance claims and scheduling appointments for patients


- Health Services Administration, AA (Online) Course Duration : Total of 60 hours

What you will learn on the course :

  • Learning to use computers and software involved in healthcare environments.
  • Students will learn both health care administration and business administration.
  • Learn business law and marketing/management principles.
  • Physiology and anatomy, plus terminology involved in this medical field.


Ashworth College offer correspondence courses in medical assisting and medical office assisting. Ashworth is a respected distance education institute that provides training worldwide. If physical attendance at a school is inconvenient then this might be the choice for you.

    Courses : -

Medical and Dental Assisting ~ Course Duration : Less than 6 months

What you will study on the course :


  • On the course you will learn numerous procedures, treatments and tests carried out by nurses, doctors or even dentists and learning your role in assisting these medical professionals in daily tasks.
  • You will learn how to manage patient appointments and prep and updating of patient charts.
  • You will be trained in human physiology/anatomy and the terminology involved in diagnosis of diseases and ailments, prescriptions and treatments.


Medical Office Assisting ~ Course Duration : Less than 6 months

What you will study on the course :

  • The core training for medical office assisting is very similar to the course modules described above for medical assisting.


The Ultimate Medical Academy Online provides a dedicated healthcare training program covering education on nursing, nursing assistant, medical billing/coding, dental assisting and many more in the healthcare arena.

    Courses : -

Medical Administrative Assistant – Diploma ~ Course Duration : 10 months

What you will learn on the course :

  • Processes involved in keeping a healthcare unit or office running efficiently and smoothly.
  • How to keep medical records and claims updated and organized.
  • The practice of providing quality care.
  • Prep work for your CMAA certification which is administered by the (NHA) National Health Career Association.
  • Training on essential skills for obtaining job success in the medical administration field, including designing your own career development plan.


Medical Billing and Coding – Diploma ~ Course Duration : 10 months

What you will learn on the course :

  • You will be focusing on the processing of medical records and healthcare claims, plus learning how to accurately code surgical and medical procedures, whilst training in the correct terminology of the coding procedure.
  • A vital part of the training will involve learning how to use the software systems that are currently in use in the medical coding field.


Medical Administrative Assistant – Associates Degree ~ Course Duration : 14-22 months (dependent on modules taken)

What you will learn on the course :

  • Keeping offices and healthcare facilities running effectively.
  • The updating and processing of critical claims and med records.
  • How to apply customer service principles in providing a quality healthcare service to patients and customers.
  • Preparing you for the National Healthcare Association (NHA) certification in CMAA.
  • Developing a successful career plan and CV to enhance your job success in the medical area of employment.
  • Plus many more medical admin duties and processes.


In Summary :

Universities and colleges are providing CNA training online courses more than ever these days in response to the high demand for new nursing assistants and medical care professionals. There has never been a better time to get your foot in the door of this booming healthcare profession which is by and large immune to the downturn in the economy.

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